Haud Close Tae Me: A Short Dance Film
A short dance film about the connection between our younger and older selves.
Swan Lake Campaign
Marketing materials for Scottish Ballet's stripped-back contemporary version of Swan Lake.
Maze — Short Dance Film
Two dancers explore a labyrinthine derelict Glaswegian swimming pool.
A Streetcar Named Desire Campaign
Marketing materials and films created for Scottish Ballet's A Streetcar Named Desire.
Dance for Parkinson’s Scotland Film
A short film sharing some stories of Scottish Ballet's Dance For Parkinson's project.
Hansel & Gretel Campaign
Creative artwork and souvenir programme for Scottish Ballet's Hansel & Gretel.
Autumn 2014 (The Crucible) Campaign
Campaign materials for Scottish Ballet's Autumn 2014 production of The Crucible, with accompanying animated trailer and documentary.
Highland Fling Campaign
Grunge-inspired artwork and illustrated programme for Scottish Ballet's Highland Fling.
Autumn 2010 Geometry & Grace — Programme
Grid-based souvenir programme for Scottish Ballet's Autumn 2010 Season 'Geometry and Grace'
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