The Swan Short Film
In this short film for Scottish Ballet, the lake is a pool of light and a strong, graceful Odette captivates us, surrounded by arching backs, spiralling arms and mesmerising formations.
Directing, Editing, Film
Gravity-defying aerial ballet music video for 'Pyramids' from yllwshrk's debut album 'I AM ALADDIN', with London Contemporary Orchestra. Danced by Eve Mutso and Ellie Ferguson.
Directing, Film, Editing
Frontiers – Short Dance Film
A short dance film created from the gender-fluid choreography of Myles Thatcher and set in the brutalist architecture of Glasgow.
Directing, Editing, Film
Elevate: Dance for Multiple Sclerosis
A short film about Scottish Ballet's new dance classes for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS)
Editing, Film, Performing Arts
Scottish Ballet 50th Campaign
Television Advert for Scottish Ballet's 50 Years Crafted by Scotland Campaign
Advertising, Directing, Editing
Haud Close Tae Me: A Short Dance Film
A short dance film about the connection between our younger and older selves.
Film, Editing, Cinematography
Maze — Short Dance Film
Two dancers explore a labyrinthine derelict Glaswegian swimming pool.
Cinematography, Film, Performing Arts
Swan Lake Campaign
Marketing materials for Scottish Ballet's stripped-back contemporary version of Swan Lake.
Editorial Design, Film, Graphic Design
Autumn 2014 (The Crucible) Campaign
Campaign materials for Scottish Ballet's Autumn 2014 production of The Crucible, with accompanying animated trailer and documentary.
Animation, Digital Art, Film
Scottish Ballet Youth Collective — Promo
A short promotional film for Scottish Ballet's youth dance scheme, SBYC
Cinematography, Film, Motion Graphics
Wee Mice — Promo
A short film to promote Scottish Ballet's educational ’Wee Mice’ parent and child workshops.
Cinematography, Film, Motion Graphics
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