In 2011 Scottish Ballet presented 'Alice', choreographer Ashley Page's surreal and witty take on the Lewis Carroll tale. 

At the time of design, the production was still in the very early stages of creation — so that there were no sets or costume designs to use as inspiration. My brief was therefore to establish a distinctive and attractive look for the marketing campaign, but in an abstract way.

My idea was to reference Alice's journey down the rabbit hole, with inky swirls representing Alice lost in the story. Timorous Beasties, famous for their surreal and provocative textiles and wallpapers, donated some beautiful illustrations which I incorporated into the design. 
(Left) An early concept design. (Right) Artwork details.
For the souvenir programme I used card suit symbols intertwined with Timorous Beasties illustrations to create a sharply surreal landscape for the dancers and costume design illustrations to inhabit.

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