Scottish Ballet 2020
Campaign imagery and film for the three productions of Scottish Ballet's 2020 Season.
Art Direction, Digital Photography, Creative Direction
Kid Canaveral, Now That You Are A Dancer — LP
12″ Vinyl LP for Kid Canaveral's album Now That You Are a Dancer.
Drawing, Graphic Design, Illustration
Autumn 2014 (The Crucible) Campaign
Campaign materials for Scottish Ballet's Autumn 2014 production of The Crucible, with accompanying animated trailer and documentary.
Animation, Digital Art, Film
Hansel & Gretel Campaign
Creative artwork and souvenir programme for Scottish Ballet's Hansel & Gretel.
Digital Art, Graphic Design, Print Design
Highland Fling — Campaign Image
Poster image for Scottish Ballet's Highland Fling.
Advertising, Art Direction, Digital Art
Highland Fling Campaign
Grunge-inspired artwork and illustrated programme for Scottish Ballet's Highland Fling.
Digital Art, Editorial Design, Graphic Design
Kid Canaveral Vinyl Records
An illustration for indie pop band Kid Canaveral
Drawing, Illustration, Music
Soldiers & Snowflakes — Kids Education Pack
Educational characters and fun pack for Scottish Ballet.
Character Design, Graphic Design, Illustration
Dance GB — Campaign Image
Campaign image created to promote Dance GB.
Advertising, Digital Art, Typography
Autumn 2011 — Illustration
Art Deco style illustration for alternative to main Scottish Ballet Autumn Season campaign image.
Advertising, Digital Art, Illustration
Kid Canaveral, Shouting at Wildlife — LP
Illustrated album for Kid Canaveral.
Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging
Alice Campaign
Fantastical artwork and print design for Scottish Ballet's 2011 ballet based on Alice in Wonderland.
Digital Art, Editorial Design, Graphic Design
Cinderella — Campaign Image
The campaign image for Scottish Ballet's Cinderella.
Art Direction, Digital Art
Wee Mice — Illustrations
Character designs and flyer for children's ballet class Wee Mice.
Character Design, Illustration, Print Design
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