Cinderella 2015 — Campaign Image
Poster image for Scottish Ballet's Cinderella.
Kid Canaveral, Now That You Are A Dancer — LP
12″ Vinyl LP for Kid Canaveral's album Now That You Are a Dancer.
Autumn 2014 (The Crucible) Campaign
Campaign materials for Scottish Ballet's Autumn 2014 production of The Crucible, with accompanying animated trailer and documentary.
Hansel & Gretel Campaign
Creative artwork and souvenir programme for Scottish Ballet's Hansel & Gretel.
The Nutcracker — Teaser Image
Pre-production teaser image for Scottish Ballet's The Nutcracker 2014/15
The Nutcracker Campaign
Marketing materials and films for Scottish Ballet's 2014/15 fairytale christmas production, The Nutcracker
Highland Fling — Campaign Image
Poster image for Scottish Ballet's Highland Fling.
Highland Fling Campaign
Grunge-inspired artwork and illustrated programme for Scottish Ballet's Highland Fling.
Kid Canaveral Vinyl Records
An illustration for indie pop band Kid Canaveral
Soldiers & Snowflakes — Kids Education Pack
Educational characters and fun pack for Scottish Ballet.
Dance GB — Campaign Image
Campaign image created to promote Dance GB.
Autumn 2011 — Illustration
Art Deco style illustration for alternative to main Scottish Ballet Autumn Season campaign image.
Kid Canaveral, Shouting at Wildlife — LP
Illustrated album for Kid Canaveral.
Alice Campaign
Fantastical artwork and print design for Scottish Ballet's 2011 ballet based on Alice in Wonderland.
Cinderella — Campaign Image
The campaign image for Scottish Ballet's Cinderella.
Wee Mice — Illustrations
Character designs and flyer for children's ballet class Wee Mice.
Fingers Short Film—Illustrated Poster
Illustrated promotional poster for short film Fingers
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