Healah Dancing — Short Dance Film Trilogy

Part One: Healah Dreaming
Part Two: Healah Dancing
Part Three: Healah Departing
Originally screened as an installation at the Festival theatre Edinburgh, these short dance films were part of Scottish Ballet's critically acclaimed Dance Odysseys programme at Edinburgh International Festival 2013. The films feature Principal Dancers Erik Cavallari and Eve Mutso dancing to a contemporary folk soundtrack by Keaton Henson.

The centrepiece of the trilogy is Healah Dancing. As well as screening at the Edinburgh International Festival, Healah Dancing has also been broadcast by the BBC Red Button Channel, and was selected to be part of the DANCE:FILM Festival in Edinburgh and the Dance on Camera festival in New York.

Female Dancer: Eve Mutso
Male Dancer: Erik Cavallari
Choreography: Christopher Hampson, Eve Mutso and Erik Cavallari

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