Romeo & Juliet Campaign

Poster artwork and souvenir programme for Scottish Ballet's production of Romeo & Juliet.

Photography by David Eustace.
In spring 2014 Scottish Ballet performed Romeo & Juliet, a powerful contemporary retelling of Shakespeare’s masterpiece. This unique version was created for Scottish Ballet in 2008 and has since gained status as one of the Company’s most iconic works.

I particularly look forward to creating the poster for each new production as it will dictate the look and feel of each campaign. For Romeo & Juliet, I was inspired by the wedding night scene. The image is simple yet impactful — designed to convey the dark grandeur of the production, and to focus on the love story without sentimentality.

The logo was inspired by the vintage newspapers used as back-projections throughout the production.
Like the production logo, the souvenir programme was influenced by vintage newspapers.
The cover features the title treatment reversed out of glossy Spot UV varnish.
Scottish Ballet is always working to attract new audiences. The Team Capulet vs Team Montague campaign was designed to engage younger audiences. We were being a bit tongue-in-cheek with this one, but it worked!

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